1. Supply of Klamflex Flange Adaptors &Couplings Sizes upto 2032 mm dia @ EWA – Al Dur Forwarding Station

  2. Supply of GRP Pipes & Fittings - D1 Pump Station

  3. Supply of Ductile Iron Channel Gratings @ Buri Animal Wealth Directorate – Buri Veterinary Quarantine for Animals

  4. Supply of Polypipe Ridgigullys UK – Various Ministry of Works Projects.

  5. Supply and Installation of Needle Valves For various WTD stations

  6. Supply of UPVC( Large Diameter ) 500 mm Dia Ostendorf Drainage Pipes & Fittings @ BFH Pumping Station.

  7. Supply of Custody Transfer Krohne Gas Meters to Bapco

  8. Supply of TBS Flap Valves for Vision development Co – National Assembly Project.

  9. Supply of Extraco GRP Panel Tanks @ Amwaj Islands

  10. Supply / Installation / Commissioning of underground Storage / Fuel Tanks @ Bahrain International Airport – Remote Apron Project

  11. Flow Measurement Contract for Sewerage Network Bahrain – For Sanitary Engineering Directorate SEOMD

  12. Supply of GRP Pipes & Fittings for Various Ministry of Works Projects

  13. Diesel Transfer Systems-- @ BFH – Al Hamad Construction Co. Project

  14. Petrol Filling Stations-- @ various Filling station Projects

  15. Potable water line Installation in HDPE for GPIC

  16. Supply of krohne Electromagnetic flow meters for Various sewage pumping stations

  17. Supply of Extraco GRP Large Liner @ Mina Salman Interchange Project

  18. Supply of Herboner Pumps @ Lost Paradise of Dilmun -- Water Park

  19. Supply of Infiltration GRP Pipes for Bahrain Bay Project –Al Hassanain .

  20. Supply of Day Tanks for BFH Diesel Transfer System

  21. Chilled water piping at Bapco, awali.(HDPE pipes & fittings)

  22. FUEL TANKS for Durrat Al Bahrain-Marina Project